The Muscle Strength Therapeutics treatment process uses a systemized approach to identify and treat muscular imbalances that relate to stress, trauma, and or overuse injuries. Based upon the understanding that when the body recognizes instability of the skeletal system, muscles become tight to protect against this instability.

By using the MST Technique our practitioners will evaluate the range of motion, positional strength testing, palpation (of specific muscular attachment sites), and corrective isometric exercises to reset muscular imbalances. We aim to restore joint movement, range of motion, and stability within the body.

MST Practitioners do not diagnose illness, diseases or any other physical or mental disorder. The practitioners do not prescribe medical treatment of pharmaceuticals. It has been made clear that Muscle Strength Therapeutics, Inc. is not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis and that it is recommended that you see a physician for any serious physical ailments that one may have.